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Artlivemedia are specialists in enterprise SEO and PPC

We transform how great businesses
get found online

We are boutique specialists in enterprise SEO and PPC. What does that mean?  Search engines such as Google and Bing drive the majority of traffic to a website where the final action a visitor takes is to buy something or make contact. Therefore, controlling traffic from search is critical to achieving sales and other goals for any enterprise digital marketing team.

When trying to increase, control or change the demographics or psychographics of that traffic to make it more relevant, large businesses or government organisations have a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Our core focus, years of experience and team expertise are all based around successfully managing those specific challenges and opportunities.

Below you’ll see a range of key reasons or triggers for large organisations engaging us for enterprise SEO or PPC and also what specific things make Artlivemedia unique even amongst other specialists like us.

Customers Engage

Us When…

Building A Website

To mitigate risk of traffic loss

Launching Something New

To ensure product or program success

Targets Aren’t Being Met

To improve and lift results

Competitors Impact

To win back or retain traffic

CPC or CPA Too High

Lower paid channel costs

Digital Personas

During any initial strategic process, we collect tens of thousands of data points on your existing and potential customers or visitors. This allows us to build up an evidence based picture of:

  • The nuanced language of different customer segments
  • Customer demographics and psychographics
  • The true influencers and triggers of action or purchase behaviour



Most customer segment profiles such as Helix Persona’s refer or compare data back to a survey of 50k Australian consumers just once per year.

Our data is based on actual consumer behaviour trended across multiple months. The digital persona we build therefore represents what customers or visitors actually do, not just what they say they do. It is not limited by geography and it also incorporates geographic and language base trends that are occurring and changing on a monthly basis.

Real Forecasting

Every marketing leader wants to know the future. Where relevant, we use a variety of data points to create traffic and/or revenue forecasts that account for variables such as:

  • Seasonal traffic shift
  • Upcoming trends
  • Cost of goods sold
  • Conversion rate
  • Churn rate


  • Set realistic expectations and achievable targets
  • Understand which digital assets areas may drive more better returns
  • Prioritise resourcing and effort based on data

Invaluable Connections

We work closely with our partners at Bing and Google in particular, both in Australia and where relevant, via our satellite team in the US.


  • Get access to senior level advice for campaign planning (limited to accounts of certain paid spends)
  • Open dialogue about issues for resolution (limited to accounts of certain paid spends)
  • Understand and prepare for new algorithmic or policy changes early

Live Digital Analytics and Insights

Digital channels provide invaluable insights that can have broader commercial implications. We believe that data for the sake of data is a waste of everyone’s time. That’s why we use a unique process for drawing out key metrics that provides you with the context you need to set benchmarks, draw conclusions, take action and clearly communicate to broader teams.


  • Personalised live data dashboards for instant visibility
  • Have complete clarity about what action needs to be taken
  • Understand the commercial risk or impact of not acting
  • Use learnings to implement change in offline or other channels
  • Create and track unique digital channel metrics
  • Automate notifications based on benchmark KPI’s for those metrics so teams can respond quickly to changes

A Holistic Approach

Too many people often think about search or SEO as “how do I rank for X keyword” or, how do I make my website show up #1 for X, Y or Z.

We think of enterprise SEO and search as a holistic process of increasing visibility to digital properties. It means we generally start with SEO before paid digital advertising to increase the efficiency of spend, we only focus on the keywords that result in action (listed in Google or Bing’s top 20) and we create and execute strategies that integrate content, social channels, technical SEO and other elements to deliver successful results.


  • Decrease cost per click in SEM spend
  • Increase engagement from content marketing efforts
  • Increase visibility and engagement on social channels
  • Increase brand visibility and engagement – amplify brand marketing efforts

Not shy about sharing

We believe in being proactive team players who are also thought leaders in enterprise SEO, PPC and Analytics.  That means investing time and energy into our craft, every single day.  We share what we know with you every month through our insights blog.  During engagement, our processes are also set up to help involve you and ideally your customer in delivery.