Video & Animation

In an age where everyone’s promoting their businesses online and through social media, videos and animations help you powerfully communicate your message.

Why are videos and animations important?

In a sea of information, social media and digital advertising, it’s crucial to seek avenues through which to make your business and its messages stand out. Videos and animations are a great way to diversify and to engage potential customers. They can be also be a powerful tool to drive your customers to share information about your business.

–  YouTube is the number 2 search engine in the world

–  50% of users watch business related videos on YouTube once a week

–  75% of users visit the related website after viewing a video

–  Website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video

– Subscribers to lead conversion rates increase by 51% when a video is included in an email campaign

What makes a good video or animation?

Good videos and animations are created when a business is mindful of their power as a marketing tool. They can work in synchronicity with your social media and digital campaigns to ensure that a consistent message is being delivered and that your business is remaining relevant.

If used effectively, videos and animations can work in tandem with search and social marketing efforts to boost traffic to your website.

A good video or animation:

 –  Emphasises good planning

–  Has a script that will change hearts and minds

  • Is compelling from the first 5-15 seconds
  • Understands the importance of spending time on pre-production

–  Minimises injury risk during production

–  Provides the option of market testing to ensure promotion or education to target audience fit

Artlivemedia works with exception animators and videographers to turn your creative ideas into reality. We are able to provide the full suite of video and animation services, including, but not limited to:

o   TV advertisements

o   Radio advertisements

o   YouTube or website product or service videos

o   Web series or webisodes as part of SEO services

o   Educational or training videos with voiceover and screencast

o   Educational audio podcasts

How Does It Work?



In this phase we first have a kick off story canvas meeting to understand and brainstorm key messages.  We also confirm the budget range as this has a major impact on what can be written into the script.

Once this is done, we can plan your shoot depending on your requirements. We’re able to:

  • produce a timeline
  • source a crew
  • audition and cast actors
  • check and book locations and access permits
  • source props and wardrobe
  • plan any travel
  • produce risk management materials including medical forms and safety checks
  • storyboard the entire script prior to shoot days

During this time, we also plan and schedule post-production including:

  • sound design
  • music
  • editing
  • animation and grading.

Prior to shoot days key crew and cast communication is sent out including call sheets and run sheets.



On production days, we run a tight ship with key crew.  If the production runs over multiple days, we share “rushes” – a view of the raw footage at the end of the day to ensure we have the coverage you need. This safety precaution ensures that if any key footage is missing, we can shoot it the following day.

Post production

During post-production, we provide a draft edit of the video for review and feedback. Once the draft has been signed off, we then produce any animated elements, and finish with grading, sound design and music. Our systematic approach ensures high quality outputs.



Once the project has been signed off we deliver in the format of your choice.  Most often for internal or online use we deliver .mov and .mpeg, providing you with Mac and PC friendly versions both large and small so you can also stream online.

All advertising must pass through a separate process that ensures the ad is delivered in the correct format to TV, cinema or radio.  We use online tools to help manage talent rights and ensure smooth distribution across multiple platforms.