Social Media Advertising

We deliver social marketing that engages and amplifies your audience.

Why social?

Two thirds of the 3 billion people on earth who use the internet, also connect with others via social networks. 

Social media is the television of the digital realm, with 28% of the 100 or so hours users spend online dedicated to social media.  The ‘air time’ given to this medium exceeds most other activity types.  52% of Australians use Facebook and 39% use it every day – that’s more than the total number of Australian’s who travel internationally in a whole year.  In fact, there are more Australian instagram users than there are people in Western Australia.

In a world where users are 71% more likely to purchase based on social recommendation, it becomes clear that the social identity of any company is critical to its brand and resulting sales.


How it works


Understand Your Audience Select Your Social Channels

Not all social networks are equal, and numbers of users alone shouldn’t be the core driver of the decision to use one verses another.  Gender, engagement time per day, age and income are other important considerations.

There is also competitive advantage to be gained in building an audience on an up and coming network before its user base explodes in numbers.

FACEBOOK46% male, 54% female18 to 54 year olds make up 75% of the Facebook population1.7 hoursSpread
YOUTUBE54% male, 46% female18 to 34 year olds make up 51% of the YouTube population11.5 minutesLower
LINKEDIN59% male, 41% femaleLargest age segment: 45-54 (36%)9.8 minutesHigher
TWITTER68% male, 32% femaleLargest age segment: 45-54 (35%)17.1 minutesHigher
INSTAGRAM39% male, 61% femaleLargest age segment: Under 35 (90%)21 minutesLower
PINTEREST3% male, 97% femaleLargest age segment: 25-34 (25%)20 minutesHigher
GOOGLE+71% male, 29% womenLargest age segment 18-34
3.3 minutesLower
There may also be other social networks, particularly for retail brands which may be suitable to consider.  Shoppa, Wanelo and Piccing are all examples of where social and image focused social shopping is heading.


Identify Key Influencers

When it comes to social media marketing, its time to set the ego aside, companies are now dealing with sophisticated buyers who don’t want to be told by the person they’re buying from that what they’re buying is good, they want to be told by someone they trust.  By identifying key influencers we can reduce paid marketing spend on social channels, similar to the way organic search marketing reduces reliance on paid search.


Understand Competitors and Set Benchmarks

19% of social media users, use it as their path to purchase, and this can vary significantly from industry to industry so the ability to benchmark for sales conversions is often not relevant in many industries.  Setting engagement or follower benchmarks and KPI’s against competitor activity provides a useful reference point for any marketing team.


Create The Standards

By identifying any challenges and how to best deal with each communication scenario, we can create a set of standards that the team managing your social media, or the team which supports any social communication escalations can refer to – from sales to service to legal.  This ensures your company’s brand voice is consistent, approachable and well received, even in times of crisis.


Set Up Networks and Develop Content Plan

Your competitors have never been closer than they are in social media because unlike any other type of marketing collateral, you are competing within the exact same framework.  You have the same amount of space for images, the same layout and the same areas to place content.


Creating compelling content to then fill those key spaces and ongoing social newsfeed updates is crucial.  In the case of Instagram and Twitter, we would also identify key hashtags to leverage for wider coverage.


In our strategy we will recommend the content and service modules we offer to deliver your strategic goals. This is completely flexible and you only pay for what you require and for what is actually delivered. Modules include:

  • Contact Centre integration
  • Weekend or after hours management or specific SLA’s (service level agreements) for response times
  • Social channel content production
  • Website content production
  • Advanced social analytics
  • Social Media Supercharging


Build Campaigns

Building one off campaigns or competitions which may be supported by other marketing activities such as paid social media advertising, email or even post site conversion messaging is one way to drive up followers.  Doing so organically is now much more difficult than it used to be on the major social networks.

Test & Deliver

Social Campaigns

We begin to carry out the social campaign plan put together during the build phase.

Ongoing Management, Influencer Outreach, Monitoring & Analytics

We begin our management of your social networks with these core tenants of ongoing management:

  • Listen (100% of the time)
  • Respond (100% of the time)
  • Speak (10% of the time)

We constantly monitor and listen for people who are either using your brand name in social conversation or referring to something related to your product or service which may give you an opportunity to reach out, discuss, and find a new customer.  For smaller customers this can be done using tools like Hootsuite, while for enterprise customers we use Brandwatch as leaders in social media monitoring.

We also use tools to schedule posts automatically based on the insights to your target audience and continue to update the timing and frequency based on data driven insights each months.  Your team is always kept in the loop as an escalation point for certain types of responses, to sign off content and discuss our insights based on detailed analytics each month.


Social Supercharging

Social Supercharging is a concept created by Artlivemedia to tackle the issue of unsustainable costs associated with trying to grow social networks from scratch.

It is particularly useful for young startups or new brands that don’t have an existing social presence and are looking to build their social following organically, but in a way that cost effectively accelerates the growth of their follower base.  It is still important that social supercharging is run in combination with social media management, provision of compelling content that drives users to your website and other paid advertising activity.

Social Supercharging relates to the following networks and is limited by the rules those networks put in place around organic growth.  We use a combination of tools and techniques to work within those constraints:

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Linkedin

Why We Stack Up

  • The social landscape changes at breakneck speed, faster than any other type of technology.  Keeping on top of trends is absolutely critical to success and our team invests time every day into that learning process.  For instance, virtual reality innovations such as Oculus Rift and Google Glass offer new ways to be social, visually.
  • We understand that the scope of social networks extends beyond the network and can be affected by or require other channels to boost activity and followings.
  • We let data help drive our content creation and posting process to ensure maximum engagement from your followers, as well as estimating return on investment forecasts for any campaign.  Plus, our team can provide multiple types of content from custom or stock photography infographics to animation or video.
  • We provide ways to connect your social platforms directly into any call centre to close the loop with customer service.

What Our Customers Say

The Talent Door & Replicat – Catapult Song Contest for Facebook

The challenge we undertook for Melbourne based CD replication company Replicat was to devise an online song contest. We devised a strategy that included designing the competition mechanics and managed the implementation, from locking in prizes and judges, launching the contest and managing all entries and sponsors. We selected Facebook as the most appropriate platform and designed it so that entries and voting were all managed via Facebook.


  • Detailed strategy including competition mechanics and prizes
  • Setup and launch of the online competition and surrounding campaign
  • Sponsor management
  • Competition and entry management


The was to maintain existing entries, of which there were 129 and increase this by 129 for a total of 258. Through our campaign we attracted 1818 entrants overachieving target by 705%. In fact, the approach was so successful, Triple J Unearthed, had to change its communications policy as a result!

A further objective was to increase the number of voters from 2000 to 4000. We achieved 26,400 Facebook likes within just 6 weeks, overachieving the target by 660%.

We also received extremely positive feedback from participants, voters and stakeholders throughout the contest.

“The team put in an immense amount of effort to pull this off – also securing star judges, and the strategic thinking that helped get us to 26k likes within 6 weeks was just phenomenal”  Kella Kokkinos | Director of The Talent Door