Search Engine Optimisation

3.5 billion searches per day.

Be Found.

From Startups to Fortune 500’s, we deliver sustainable returns on search marketing investments.

$3.12m so far, to be exact.

What is SEO?

Search Engines are simple technologies that do two things:

  1. They crawl the web looking to find and index websites
  2. They take that index and try and match the sites they find with relevant searches from users

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the application of strategies that ‘optimise’ your site by helping search engines interpret it as more relevant to their users.


Why SEO?

There are more searches conducted every 2 days than there are humans on earth.

For the first time last year, 10-15 year olds spent more time on the internet than watching TV.  Adults spend 21% of their time searching on the internet.  Our job is to connect the right customers to you.  If your business can’t be found online, it’s effectively invisible.

SEO is a disciplined practice in online visibility.  We believe SEO is as much about gathering and applying insights from great digital intelligence as it is about building links and optimising keywords.  Holistic SEO that considers this broader understanding is the only way your business can achieve sustainable results as search engines become more sophisticated and their algorithms change.

As at April 2015, these were the market share results for the world’s largest search engines:

GoogleBaidu (Chinese)YahooBing

How does it work?

In our approach, there are three critical phases to search engine optimisation.  The first one is most often forgotten:


Holistic Strategy
A holistic approach to search means understanding that organic search is more than just link building. It covers content, social media, digital PR and in many cases it works in tandem with paid search.  If you only utilise one or two of these in your strategy, you’re missing out on some major traffic opportunities.

SEO strategies and tactics can change almost weekly in response to search engine algorithm changes. Our team invests time and energy into ensuring we know exactly what is changing so we can proactively manage its effect on your traffic.  We do this by attending regular conference calls directly with the directors of search at Google and Bing, as well as , as well as participating in innovation and research initiatives led by the major search engines and using data tools to monitor for and measure changes associated with search engine algorithm changes.

When should a business ever consider spend money on TV advertising without knowing which audience is most likely to respond and therefore which channel would be most appropriate? Never.  The search market is the same, and it is a lot more fragmented than television because users can ‘tune the channel’ to the exact thing they’re looking for.

Often businesses assume they know how their audience searches, and they’re way off. As an example, recent algorithm changes have made ‘semantic’ search more relevant in search results, so users aren’t just typing in keywords like “plasma TV”, they’re searching “what’s the best plasma TV 2015”.

That’s why we create an SEO strategy which reverse engineers searcher behaviour and identifies your ideal target market to grow your market share. This exercise is completed upfront to boost results quickly.


Technical and On Site Optimisation

This stage involves all of the tactics that relate to what can be controlled on your website.  Technical tasks such as maps of the content on your site, ensuring there are meaningful link names and even re-building your site to make sure it loads fast and displays properly on mobile devices, are all aimed at helping search engines read, index and rank your site more easily.  Also, depending on which Content Management System (CMS) you use, there may be quirks we need to help you iron out. Just as an example customers who have WordPress CMS sites have often already installed the Yoast SEO plugin. Just having the plugin installed won’t mean SEO success, though. Our team is expert in optimising the technical aspects of all WordPress SEO plugins, putting the plugin to work for your specific site needs. 



Creating or guiding you to create content on your website that search engines value while still being compelling to your target audience is a very important balance.  We work collaboratively with you to make sure we honour your tone of voice, industry lexicon and remain authentic to your brand.


Crafting the ideal meta title and meta description for each page is absolutely crucial. When searching for what they need, this is the very first impression your potential customer will get of your business.  It’s your one chance to convince them you’re worth clicking on.  Your one free advertisement.
That’s why we don’t mess around when it comes to meta titles and meta descriptions. We use a mix of psychology, testing and a completely unique technology that can predict the best combination of titles and descriptions for each of your pages to use for the highest uplift in clicks. All of this is done before we spend a second on link building.


Off Site Optimisation

On-site optimisation techniques are all about ensuring your website is usable, readable and relevant.  Off-site optimisation techniques are all about building the credibility of your website, which means influencing all the things not directly within your control.

Once your own house is in order, it’s time for us to venture out into the wild and begin earning that authority on your behalf.

Google has said it uses over 200 factors, all with different levels of importance in determining where to rank any particular page on a website within the search results for a specific keyword or phrase.  Perhaps the most important one of these is how popular a particular link to your site is, and how credible the site that links there is itself.  It’s not about link quantity, it’s about link quality.

Why We Stack Up

Every day we hear stories from clients who come to us after having had some pretty horrific experiences.  Here’s some examples:

  • “I paid $10,000 over the last year in SEO plan fees, I’m told I get 40 visitors a day”
  • “We’re spending $50,000 a month on paid advertising because SEO isn’t working”
  • “We tried to leave our agency but they told us they’d remove all the links they got us”

It can be really tough to separate myth from fact with conflicting information and every sales person telling you “we’re not like the rest”.  That’s why we don’t just say it, we prove it.  Here are just a few results below and you can read more in our case studies:


Law Office100% increase in Traffic
250% Increase in Leads generated in 6 months
500% ($500k)
Restaurant and Cafe300% increase in Traffic over 12 months625% ($126k)
Online Clothing Retailer45% increase in Traffic
25% increase in Sales over 6 months
27% ($40k)
Real Estate Crowdfunding Site77% increase in Traffic
224% Increase in Leads generated in 12 months
555% ($1.25m)
Online News Site130% increase in Traffic over 12 months16.5% ($33k)
Online Home Goods / Furniture Retailer250% increase in Traffic
100% increase in Sales over 9 months
32% ($16k)
Success Guarantee
Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an absolute guarantee of success in life?  Everyone would want to be in business if it were all that easy!  At Artlivemedia, we don’t believe in guaranteeing rankings because search engine algorithms change almost daily, making it unreasonable to expect prediction of exact rankings.

But there’s good news! What we can provide is an estimate of the range of traffic increases and potential conversion increases you can expect within the first 3 to 6 months.  After all, we only take on clients that we believe we can deliver a return for.  It’s best for your bank balance, as well as our reputation.

Once the strategy has been locked in and all technical site elements have been addressed, we remain accountable for those estimates as Key Performance Indicators, and report on each of them to you every month.

Along with our detailed reports, we provide an easy to digest infographic that can be shared with management and help build internet interest in SEO.


The SEO Team
We have a secret weapon.  And it’s not so secret!  Any business will tell you that the key to success is having great people on the team.  That’s why we choose ours with care and diligence, bringing in the best from around the globe.


Chris Bauer
Head of Search and Conversion, US Office

Artlivemedia’s Head of Search and Conversion, Chris Bauer, comes from a long background in SEO leading search and conversion in hugely competitive markets working for brands like Target (US), Apple, Toyota and more to achieve sustainable keyword rankings.

Chris is your guide through the SEO journey, helping to craft an ever evolving strategy and help you navigate toward results.


Every client and industry has unique challenges in driving qualified leads to their website.  Our specialty is in breaking those down into manageable plans we can work together to overcome.

Here are some examples of what we mean by unique challenges:

  • You need help removing negative PR that appears when people search for your brand.
  • You’ve been penalised by Google for bad linking strategies and your keyword rankings have dropped.
  • You’re a hotel and Google is showing competing hotels to your returning customers at lower prices as part of its natural search results.
  • You’re a start up that has been recently funded and need to hit specific targets for your investors.
  • Your customers don’t make decisions by searching for your product or service and so what you need is credibility, not leads.

Have a unique challenge you’d like to discuss?

How to Compare

Comparing apples with oranges can be tough. In fact, if you’re not familiar with search, it can be impossible!  We believe in transparency.  That’s why if you’re comparing two or more quotes for a search engine optimisation engagement, our team will happily help you dissect the differences so you can make an informed investment decision.

As a starting point, watch out for these SEO agency red flags

  • They want to jump straight into linking and there’s no time spent building a strategy.
  • They promise hundreds or thousands of links.
  • They provide a bundle that includes the creation of a set number of articles.
  • They tell you offsite link building is dead and it’s all about content.
  • They guarantee rankings.

A word of warning

In the past, some SEO companies have and continue to use techniques that take advantage of search engines to ‘rig’ the results. You wouldn’t cheat your way to the top elsewhere in business would you? It’s no more acceptable when it comes to SEO. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t even realise their agency has employed these techniques until it’s too late.

Being caught out comes with big penalties. After all, a search engine’s sole job is to find credible, relevant and useful content because doing this ensures users keep searching, and that in turn enables their paid advertising business model to continue.

From Panda to Penguin, Hummingbird to Pigeon, each Google algorithm update is aimed at squashing all attempts to rig the system. Spam-ridden link building and other ‘black hat’ techniques are well and truly on their way out.  Websites that continue to use these tactics will be or have already been severely penalised and may never recover former rankings.

Lots of myths are perpetuated about how SEO works.  So we’re going to set the record straight:

Request Your Site Analysis

SEO companies churn out free reports but they miss the most important metric: what your potential for growth is!

Our complementary analysis is completed by our experienced team who provide custom insights specific to your website.  We show you how large your market is, where your website sits in comparison to your competitors, and how much we estimate we could help grow your traffic in the first 3-6 months of an engagement.