Collaborate with us to shape the way your customers view your business.

Why is good design so important?

Design is concerned with the presentation of your business’ information. It’s everything from the colour scheme to the layout of your copy to the types of bullets you use in lists.

Good design has been proven to influence the way your customers view your organisation. Having a professional, logical and clear design enhances your organisation’s credibility and creates an easier, more enjoyable customer experience.

This is critical in ensuring conversion in a highly competitive online environment, considering that the average conversion rate for an E-Commerce website is 1.40%.

It helps customers find what they’re looking for and it distributes information in a way that ensures readers aren’t overwhelmed and inclined to disengage. It also works in close association with your branding to provide an image for your business.

What is good design?

Good design is created with your business objectives and the customer’s needs in mind. It ensures that information is easy to access and that content is formatted in a logical and clear manner. It delivers consistent messages through imagery and it’s professional and reflective of the values of your business.

It also takes into account technical requirements such as minimising page loading times on websites to make sure that you don’t lose potential customers.

Artlivemedia provides a wide range of different graphic design services from web to illustration. We’re not only about making things look pretty, everything we do has your business objective at the forefront. Our holistic approach means that we take your audiences, your key messages and your primary objectives into close consideration before making any proposals about the design of your information.

Design outputs:

The design services we provide include:


– website design

– application design

– social content

– website assets

– corporate communications

– annual reports

– illustration

From the smallest projects through to the biggest ones, we apply the same level of commitment to each project. We work closely with you to ensure that we are delivering a consistent message to your customers and that you are in full control of what that message is.

We work with the best graphic designers in the business so that we can meet your needs and surpass your expectations every time. Our design experts are on hand to work with you to create the look and feel that your business wants.

Design process


1)  Define your needs

We meet with key players in your business to ascertain what you need and why you need it. We take this information away and assess the requirements of the project.

2) Quote

We provide you with a detailed, itemised summary of charges and await your approval before commencing work.

3) Discovery session

This is where we start to get serious. We learn about your business objectives, who your customers are, your creative requirements (including examples of some work that you like) and technical requirements. This is where we really start to understand the inner workings of your business and how to project those.

4) No surprises policy.

We get back to you with a proposal summarising our understanding of the brief and demonstrating to you that we understand your requirements. At this stage we also advise of print and digital turnaround and the finer logistical details.


5) Deliver an initial design with an experienced designer

We have a range of print and digital designers and work with the best ones for your project to achieve the best results every time. Our designer will present the initial design to you so that you can give them any direct feedback or ask any technical questions that may arise.

6) Project management

You’ll have a project manager that’s always on call throughout the feedback process who understands your needs and the design speak. Having one point of contact is time efficient and guarantees consistent communication every time.


7) Proofing and modification

We’ll talk to you about the changes and action the ones that have been agreed upon for your approval.


Once approved, we provide all the design assets in the format we have agreed on together as well as all the original design files should you need them.