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Why invest in your website?

of shoppers research their purchase online before making a decision.
of B2B buyers research their purchase online before making a decision.

How does it work?

We use a methodology called “Agile” for most of the websites we build. This means that often the steps we take will happen in parallel and we’ll be really transparent and open with you throughout the whole project. We may also break the project up into smaller, two week chunks and deliver in phases. This allows you to see more progress, sooner.


Defining What You Need

We chat broadly with your team to learn about your business objectives for the site, what technical features are required and what level of more strategic user and customer experience planning and testing is needed for the project.

Reviewing The Investment

We send you a high level estimate which outlines what we can achieve, the timelines and proposed investment. For more complex projects we often need to split this into two parts. The first estimate and phase of engagement would cover any pre-research, user experience workshops and wireframes which are more easily estimated. Once the wireframes are completed, our technical team estimate the difficulty of each of the deliverables to provide an estimate on the number of likely weeks of development and testing.

Getting Kick Started

Once you are happy with the proposal we kick things off with an initial meeting with your team and stakeholders. In this meeting we go through the brief in detail and establish what you would like to achieve on each page, your calls to action, brand guidelines if available, develop your site map and sketch up any user experience features required.

Open Communication

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, managing stakeholders is a really important part of what we do. We set up weekly meetings with a member of your staff to keep your team in the loop.

Conduct UX Workshop, Build and Test User Experience (optional)

If this is a complex project, we’ll put together the entire application or website in working wireframes, supported by process flow diagrams where needed, and then our talented graphic designers will deliver you design concepts for your approval.


Getting Content And Search Sorted

Getting Content And Search Sorted
Once the basic structure of the site is locked down, content creation can begin. This is where our team might be responsible for researching and writing copy on your behalf and sourcing imagery or taking photographs and videos. Or, we can also work with your staff to coordinate the content if you choose to handle some or all of this internally.

It is also during this stage that if conversions and traffic is key to your site, our head of search will work through search engine optimisation set up and strategy with you.

Hacking (in a good way!)

Once you are happy with the designs all this is added together into a scope document that outlines exactly what is in scope and what is out of scope. All design assets are then sent to our development team to begin working their magic.


Testing And Change Requests

When our developers have built your site we will invite you to preview it in a secure online staging environment (this means it’s not live and may not yet be housed at the hosting location chosen for launch). We will send you a handy checklist of things to test to ensure your site is working exactly as you would like it.

Final Site Approval

When we have made all the changes you requested and squashed any bugs, we will deliver the revised site for your approval.


Site Live

When you are happy your site is ready, we transfer it across to the preferred hosting location and send it live to your desired URL on the agreed time and day.

Empowering Your Team To Make Changes

Now that you have a versatile content management system that allows you to easily update and manage your site, we set up training for your team to cover off how they can make the changes you need.

30 Day Bug Free Guarantee

Our 30 day bug free guarantee provides you with a measure of cover within the first 30 days if anything needs fixing. After that, our team can also provide ongoing hosting, maintenance and training support: a team you can always rely on during operations, not just build.

Why We Stack Up

So what sets one website company from another? How can you realistically assess your options? At Artlivemedia, we believe it’s a combination of process, people and technology.

  • We are solution agnostic, we let business requirements and outcomes help drive our thinking around the best content management solution for you.
  • We offer highly scalable and secure hosting options for ongoing operations. Our responsibility doesn’t just end with the delivery of your site.
  • We educate you and your team throughout the process so you’re always clear about what’s coming next and why.
  • We put your customer at the centre of our process.  They are what help drive user experience, design and functional decisions.
  • Our developers are all excellent communicators who don’t just follow detailed instructions, they think outside the box to help solve complex problems.

Websites bring together so many different creative and technical challenges, that using an agency who is outsourcing to a development company because they don’t have the internal resources or talent for the job, is a major risk to your business. So often we hear from customers who have been sold on a website content management system that can do “everything”, only to find that it’s so difficult to use they’re not using 95% of it.

What Our Customers Say


“What you have done with Artisan House is terrific! By far the best directory we’ve seen on the internet! How do we ensure you are nominated for an industry award for this?”

Rosalin Virnik, Manager


“I just wanted to congratulate you and your team on the great job you have done.”

Patrice Higgins, Advisor to CEO


“I was looking for a flexible web solution where content could be managed by us internally but where we could rely on an agency for the initial overall design and ongoing functionality we needed. Artlivemedia promised this to us and absolutely delivered. [They were] able to translate our industry-specific and sometimes complex requirements to create a simple user experience throughout the site. Quick to respond and always able to come up with a solution, I would highly recommend Artlivemedia to other businesses to assist them with their web presence.”

Rebecca Sparrow, Marketing Manager

How to Compare

Comparing website estimates isn’t easy. Why is one quote $5,000 while another is $50,000 or $150,000 or more? Our sites are built to best practice and below we outline what experience has taught us are the critical components we offer, and are the most common reasons we see in customers who are dissatisfied with their previous agency.

Easy to update

Managing content on an ongoing basis is one of the key challenges a business will face with a new or refreshed website. If done right, it can empower your team to make changes on the fly without needing to engage your own technical team or an agency.

Choosing the right platform to suit the function you want your website to perform is critical and business size is not necessarily a determining factor. Although we do work with some preferred Content Management Systems, our role is to help you find the ideal solution to fit your requirements. Not all content management systems are equal and our team has spent a lot of time investigating best practice CMS including quality, functionality, usability and cost effectiveness.

Here’s a quick overview of the types of best practice systems we use depending on what your site requirements are:

Low to medium complexity, no e-commerceWordPress
Medium to high complexity, no e-commerceKentico or Silverstripe
Low to medium complexity, with e-commerceWordPress & Woocommerce
Medium to high complexity, with e-commerceMagento, Kentico or custom


The lure of some website developers is an all-in-one content management system with a cheap price tag.

But there’s always a reason for this. Generally, you will be locked into a content management system only that company is able to manage, so you have no flexibility to leave without completely rebuilding your site. Also, the speed of bug fixes or features innovation is slowed by the growth or focus of the company who owns the system.

We believe in empowering your right to choose and change as your business needs change. That’s why we choose content management systems that are well supported and are often open source. This means thousands of developers across the world have the skills to use it, and to add to its functionality. This strong community supports constant innovation, helping you keep up with your customer’s changing needs. These platforms (such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or Magento) also allow you extend their functionality more easily by integrating with other tools that are best practice in their area whether that’s email marketing, ecommerce or surveys.


This may not mean beautiful in the way you perceive it, but instead, how your customers do. Remember, we are not our customers. Studies show that when a potential customer visits your website, the first thing they do is make a quick judgement about how closely your site fits their personality. If the design and content fit with your ideal buyer, they’ll take the opportunity to explore further. That’s where excellent content and imagery comes in, ensuring their initial impression is then backed up by further evidence.

In fact, research has shown that number 1 of the top 10 influencers of purchasing decisions, particularly on ecommerce websites, is the perception of quality. Like anything, a quality website takes more time to create.

Where budget permits, Artlivemedia’s team spends the time to understand your audience. This can mean speaking with or surveying your staff, stakeholders and customers, or conducting detailed consumer insights using technology that helps us extract the core profiles and influencing factors specific to your customers and industry.

We can also assist with copywriting, photography and video. And because we work as a team to bring it all together rather than you piecing things together from multiple agencies with different specialties, we can deliver an interactive and immersive experience for visitors to your website that’s much more cohesive.


This sounds like a simple thing, but it’s not. There are hundreds of different devices and browser versions. Each of these interpret website code in a slightly different way. No one can promise a website to work perfectly on every one, but whoever builds your website should have a rigorous testing process in place and ensure the design is compatible with multiple browsers because if they don’t, you could lose valuable potential customers.

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser on earth and at the moment (source). It accounts for a third of all web traffic. However so many corporate level websites not properly tested on this browser. This means a third of people who visit these two sites, can’t see it properly.

At Artlivemedia, we spend extra time coding for compatibility and then test to make sure that your website works on Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari, whether using a Mac or PC, iPhone, iPad or Android phone.


Did you know that 40% of people will abandon a site if takes over 3 seconds to load ? And for every 1 second delay in load time, conversions are reduced by 7%! (source) (source) (source). Lots of agencies that are great at design don’t realise how important this part is.

At Artlivemedia, we have a strict checklist of technical items we use to ensure we optimise the speed of your site. We also offer dedicated hosting for WordPress sites, which gives you automated upgrades to the content management system, super fast speeds and protection against brute force or other potential security attacks against your website. In fact, one of our clients Indeed Décor, experienced a 24% jump in traffic within just 4 weeks, thanks to our dedicated WordPress hosting platform.

More Leads

There are more searches conducted every 2 days than there are humans on this earth. However, when you first launch, your website is completely invisible to all those opportunities. Furthermore, if you’re migrating content to a refreshed design, doing this incorrectly can set you back years of effort, particularly if you’re working with an agency that doesn’t understand the intricacies SEO and its impact.

A search engine’s job is to find the most relevant content to match to its users and that requires a holistic strategy. Unlike other agencies, we build in search engine optimisation from the very beginning: the point at which your website is built.