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How We Worked Together

Artlivemedia was commissioned by Telstra to develop and launch a digital marketing campaign for a new Telstra ecommerce SaaS investment and enterprise offering to the legal market, Dazychain by Yarris.

The campaign consisted of a brand new website, CRM integration and a Linkedin outreach campaign centered on the company’s founder, Ian Goddard.

In just 16 weeks post launch Artlivemedia achieved:

  • The launch of Dazychain’s Telstra.com landing page within 30 days
  • A Linkedin outreach campaign with email follow up program which brought in 51 positive responses and 18 enterprise level leads
  • x2 media releases resulting in over 22k headline impressions and 189 back links to the Dazychain website from sites that posted the release.
  • 232 back links to Dazychain.com (not including the PR backlinkns) built over the course of the campaign
  • Lifting site traffic from a pre launch average of 160 per month to over 500 visits per month
  • Lifting keywords ranking in Google Australia Top 20 from 16 to 31
  • Lifting site domain authority from 10 to 27 (pre completion of a direct back link from the Telstra domain which should continue to increase domain authority over time)

Core services delivered for Telstra and Yarris


Linkedin Outreach

Digital PR


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