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Momentum Energy had worked hard to deliver their brand new website. Having just implemented a new digital asset which was beautiful, but lacking in content, Momentum Energy engaged Artlivemedia to provide them with a solid strategy that could enable them to win back the dip in traffic experienced post launch and show and increase keyword position.

Artlivemedia used search data to prove the case for content marketing as a core piece of the broader digital strategy which is now being implemented ongoing and mapped out keyword research and trend analysis in renewable energy to show how Momentum Energy could capture a clear lead in consumer demand.

This insight came as somewhat of a surprise to the Momentum Energy team who had previously believed that consumer demand for clean or green energy was stagnant or declining.  However, the team had not been taking into account aggregated data that looked at all keyword terms and the changing language that consumers were using to describe clean energy.


  • 47% increase in keyword rankings in the first 6 months.

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