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CEO of Domino’s On Why Retail Innovation Is Critical

July 24, 2017

Don Meij is Group CEO and MD Domino’s Pizza.  And it’s no small fish. As the largest pizza chain, globally, outside of the US  with a market cap of $6.5 billion, network turnover of $2 billion and 43% growth in 2015 with a further 30% in 2016, Domino’s is hungry for more. As Don put’s it, the [...]


As the Group CEO and MD Domino’s Pizza, Don Meij knows a thing or two about innovation having helped to grow Domino’s into the powerhouse it is today with a market capitalisation of $6.5 billion. These candid tips on corporate innovation came first hand from Dom: 1. Don't let the board or stock market hijack your time "My time [...]

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