20th of July, 2016

Artlivemedia Wins Telstra Business New Business Award (Victoria)

Michelle Bourke
By , CEO - Artlivemedia

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It was with shock and awe that we greeted the announcement last night that Artlivemedia was announced as the winner of the Telstra Business Awards – New Business award (Victoria).

In fact, my team was so shocked that sat glued to their seats while I went on stage to accept the award alone!


This was the speech I shared yesterday night:

“Wow, what an honour. In a category full of such amazingly talented and inspirational businesses, many of whom we spoke with at the briefing yesterday evening, we feel very humbled to accept this award.

A massive thank you to the Artlivemedia team for sharing this crazy, brilliant, hair-raising, beautiful journey to creating our unique digital marketing service, which is now trusted by brands across Australia like Tennis Australia, Public Transport Victoria, Henley Properties and CGU insurance.
We grew from nothing in October 2014, to a team of 15 across AU and the US in just 18 months, and as all of you business owners and founders in this room know, that process is far from pretty. It’s one part exciting and two parts agonising.

But it’s something we all have to go through, and through organisations like Telstra and their partners who dedicate time and energy to supporting the ecosystem of local innovation and commerce, we have an amazing space where we can see the contribution each of us makes to the bigger picture, and potentially become an inspiration to the next crazy person who decides to start a business!

So, thank you team, thank you Telstra and congratulations to the other brilliant businesses here tonight.”


Afterwards, it was nice to get congrats from some very cool brands including a little company by the name of Microsoft!



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